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Drawing Across India

And we’re back! (Didn’t know we were away? That’s cool. It was pretty quick.) We just spent about a week and a half in India to go see our friend’s wedding in Mumbai and then also to check out the Hindu holy city of Varanasi. … Read More


Chigüiro Opening

HUGE thanks to everyone who came to the Chigüiro opening last Saturday night at The Littlefield. We had a blast. Nothing like friends and art and a little bit of drinking. Pieces are still available for sale. A full price list with pictures is here. … Read More


Chigüiro @ The Littlefield

This September I’m going to have a show of oil paintings at The Littlefield. It opens on Saturday, September 10th 6-9pm with a concert by the band Plus/Minus to follow in the concert space adjacent to the gallery. (Doors for that open at 8pm.) I’m … Read More


Cartoon Cada Día!

I love doing a cartoon a day when I travel. Usually Casey and I will find a quiet cafe or a bar. She’ll write away in her journal and then look up to see a view like this: I did sets while in Southeast Asia … Read More

Packing for Colombia

We head off to Colombia mañana! (See? My Spanish is improving already.) So today is for PACKING. We aim to pack light so we don’t get whiney while walking around town looking for the cheap-but-not-too-dirty hostels. So minus the clothes and ziplocks full of chewable … Read More

Vamos a Colombia!

People always ask us where we’re traveling to next. And now we have an answer… COLOMBIA! We can already picture ourselves in the streets of Cartegena. Literally. So send us your must-sees and the contact info of all of your Colombian friends! Vamos Gigantes! (Sorry– … Read More


On the road!

We’ve been running around like craaaazy out here on the West Coast talking to kids about Spaceheadz and To Timbuktu! LA, the Bay Area and now Seattle. A more detailed update coming soon, but for now, a taste of the madness: And by the way, … Read More


We’re blushing. Thank you very much Publishers Weekly.

Our cheeks are very red right now. Publishers Weekly gave our book To Timbuktu a very flattering starred review this week. Not only did they call Casey’s writing “Impressively witty, perceptive, and candid” and describe Steven’s art as “fluid cartoon sketches, seamlessly incorporated into every … Read More


Mark that calendar: BOOK LAUNCH PARTY!

It’s party time! We’ll be heading to the West Coast this March for loads of To Timbuktu and Spaceheadz events at schools and bookstores. LA, San Francisco, Seattle… We’ll be putting up details on our Events Map soon, but for now, mark your calendar for … Read More


To Timbuktu Is In!!!

THE BOOKS ARE IN! THE BOOKS ARE IN! THE BOOKS ARE IN! Get the full report and photos of our Malian friends reading To Timbuktu who are in it at the book’s website here.

sk header

Shitty Kitty Hits Dakar

This weekend Shitty Kitty had a date with Dakar. They hit it off right away at hip new club called Must. Even though there were a couple power outages, the beer stayed cold and the comics stayed dirty. Get the whole shebang on Shitty Kitty’s … Read More



This weekend we went to the riverside town of Segou where we lived for about three months back in 2007. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. to catch up with everyone! Unfortunately, the town itself is getting hit pretty hard– like Mali in general right now– … Read More


A Day in Bamako

In the morning, Steven had his usual 20 cent instant coffee from a street stand. Then we took a cab to the market. The market was crazy as usual. Packed with people and all things plastic. We were on the look out for fabric. After … Read More

Shitty Kitty on the beach


We keep saying “wow” because it’s so great to be back on the road again, but it turns out we’re also saying “yes” in Wolof all the time. Ah well. At least we seem agreeable. Our itinerary so far: Stop #1 New Years Day layover … Read More

steven and djabati

Party in Africa!

Steven and I are going to ring in the new year in Africa! Well, to be more precise we’ll be in the air for the actual changing of the year, but for the first three weeks of this new year we’ll be in Senegal and … Read More

kids celebrating web

Give a book to a kid in West Africa!

It’s the season of giving. Want to give a book to a kid in Senegal? Donate to our nonprofit! Most of the school day in West Africa is taught in French, then students go home and live the rest of their lives in a different … Read More

turket day shitty kitty closeup

Happy Thanksgiving, go Eat Pray Love and Drink!

Your Cartoon of the Week: Your entertainment for the evening: Go rent Eat Pray Love and play the Drinking Game that Steven and I made up last Saturday. If you don’t feel like getting absolutely wrecked, we recommend cutting Rule 4 (A shot for tears) … Read More

Eid last year

Happy Eid Al Kabir!

Last year we celebrated this Muslim holiday of sacrifice in Morocco with our friends Amina and Mohammed and their family. Here are two of our less gruesome Before and After shots: It was delicious! Ok, actually the intestines were disgusting, but we thoroughly enjoyed all … Read More


Texas/To Timbuktu + Bethesda/To Timbuktu

We’ve been busy! We’re fresh off the plane from Corpus Christi, Texas where we presented To Timbuktu at the Jan Paris Book Fest to a lovely crew of librarians and future librarians. Check out photos from all that madness at the book’s website here. Steven … Read More

pictory us

Pictory Photo Contest Done and Won

We love the folks over at Pictory. They have a beautiful design and run photo contests that we’ve won in the past. This most recent one is called Just Like Heaven and is all about people sharing pictures of whatever their happy place is. Naturally, … Read More

stuffed olives

Madrid = ham + good times

This weekend we rebooted our Moroccan visas with little trip to Spain. It turns out it is EXACTLY like Morocco. Well, except for the gambling and shows called “Sexo”: And the beer, wine and ham at every single corner: For realz. Spaniards are about as … Read More

No Attachment

Tangiers + us =

Even though Tangiers was technically an international zone, and not part of Morocco from 1923 to 1940, it is still F-ing magical. See what we made when we visited the fine city below.


Off to the Wild West… which is actually East

We’re taking two weeks to meander through the northeast, a region neither of us have been to before. We hopped a train from this train station: And are now somewhere* within the carefully crafted dotted lines of this map: Can you see us? Because we … Read More

As soon as you hear the evening call to prayer, DIG IN.

Breaking the Fast

It’s breakfast for dinner every day here during Ramadan. Even if you haven’t been fasting. And what you have for the breakfast (called ftour in Arabic) is pretty much the same every single day, every place you go. At first it’s really exciting. (“Oooh! I … Read More

liver surprises me every time


Ramadan Mubarik! Or, Happy month-long holiday of fasting during daylight to celebrate when the Prophet Mohammed received his revelations! Daylight hours are not particularly thrilling during Ramadan. Most things are closed, drivers are even more insane than usual, and it’s hard to find anything to … Read More


We have a kilo of dates and olives now.

And boy was that 22 hours of travel worth it. For now we will tell you that all is well. We ate couscous with Casey’s former host family then found a house where we can live right next door to them in the old medina. … Read More

green walls

We promise we’re really leaving this time.

We like maps. Maybe you like them too? #1 our fascinating flight path to Casablanca: #2 our fascinating train path to Rabat: We know you CAN’T WAIT for #3. So stay tuned. Along with maps, we also like canals, bocce ball, man-caves and green walls. … Read More


Peace Out Boy Scouts

There we are, leaving San Francisco. Thanks everyone for putting up with all of the send-offs of July. We love you back heartily. Casey is now in Brooklyn eating bagels and Steven is in Maryland playing with homemade skateboards. Catch us in New York together … Read More


Stalk us now, because Morocco is pretty far away

In exactly three weeks we are leaving San Francisco to live in Morocco for the rest of 2009! Here is a calendar of our events we want to see your purrrdy face at before we go: AE GROUP SHOW (7/10): Our studio Art Explosion is … Read More