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Shotwell’s Bar t-shirts, by us, for you!

This summer we entered a t-shirt design contest at our favorite San Francisco bar (where Shitty Kitty was born!), Shotwell’s– and we won! Here’s the design that goes on a classic white tee: You can pick up your very own next time you swing by … Read More


Shitty Kitty hits SF real hard

We totally agree. Thanks to Shotwells for being the most un-shitty Shitty bar. As always a great Meet Up thanks to Shitty Kitty’s friends. DC: you’re next. Watch out.

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Shitty Kitty Meet Up in AMERRRRRICA

Shitty Kitty has hopped the pond and is about to skip across the continent too out to San Francisco. So get out your planners/iCals/hands you write important notes on and NOTE THIS: SHITTY KITTY MEET UP @ Shotwell’s Bar Thursday, February 18th 6pm (20th and … Read More

Shitty Kitty Couldn't Sleep

Shitty Kitty Show was Shitastic

The Shitty Kitty show at Mission: Comics and Art opened last Saturday. Attendees mingled, boozed, and hopefully laughed aloud at the likes of this: Some folks were even moved to draw their own on the spot. That’s what Shitty Kitty will do to you. While … Read More

Shitty Kitty in Tangiers

Shitty Kitty Show will be f-ing MAGICAL. Go.

We’ll be in Morocco, but you’ll be at the show at Mission: Comics and Art at 7 pm. Right? And the after party at Shotwell’s at 11 pm. Right? RIGHT. Because you love Shitty Kitty and so do we. Despite her being so damn shitty. … Read More


You Got Guillotined

Vive la revolution! Heads rolled at Shotwell’s last night! Even Steven, who hand-made the guillotine, could not escape his fate: Shitty Kitty comics were made too of course. Some were drawn exceptionally well by animators. Some were drawn exceptionally shitty by the rest of us. … Read More

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LAST Shitty Kitty Meet up for a loooooong time

Shitty Kitty wants you to watch this video and then come to the last Meet Up this coming Tuesday (the 14th) for a BASTILLE DAY PARTAY. Come get your guillotine on! Once again, this is going to be at Shotwell’s Bar (on 20th and Shotwell) … Read More


Is this a clue?

Hello all. We just returned from a few days in Humboldt visiting some friends. When we were walking around downtown Eureka yesterday, we saw a “Lost Cat” sign. Is this the Shitty Kitty thief taunting us from afar, or possibly the beginning of a state-wide … Read More

kitty cardboard web

Another Shitty Kitty is stolen! Meowwwhere is she?

Gone. Another one. This past Monday someone stole the above Shitty Kitty cut out from Shotwell’s bar. One cut out stolen seemed like a random act of Shitty Kitty admiration. Now that a second one is gone it is clear that someone (or some folks) … Read More

marat kitty

Quel the merde! Bastille Kitty has been stolen.

Oh non. Remember the brave Shitty Kitty once standing defiantly over the jukebox at Shotwell’s? She arrived there after our last Shitty Kitty meet up, last week. (Who’s cheers-ing Shitty Kitty now?) Well, it is gone. We were in there yesterday and bartender extraordinaire David … Read More


Shitty Kitty got SHITTY

So… Shitty Kitty got pretty shitty last night at Shotwell’s. Big thanks to all the enablers who came by and bought her a round. And then another. And another. Poor Dave had a LOT of glasses to pry out of her paws and clean. Comics … Read More


Shitty Kitty got SHITTY Part II

We took so many pictures we needed a  Part II. Booya.


Shitty Kitty Meetup Round 2 – Thursday, June 11th 6:30pm @ Shotwells

It’s happening again! Come by Shotwell’s bar Thursday, June 11th 6:30 pm. We’ll be making a whole bunch of Shitty Kittys, taking Shat Cat to amazing new levels, and of course giving out prizes for the Shat Cat quote contest. Be there. With lots of … Read More

I am plotting to eat half of Tommy's burrito which I will later do

Shitty Kitty meetup resounding success, notably shitty

Wow. Thanks everyone ever so much for coming to the First-Ever-Shitty-Kitty meetup and thanks to Shotwell’s for never at any point asking us to leave. (I think I (Steven) did ask friendly-bartender Laura exactly how many Shitty Kittys would equal a free beer. I never … Read More


Shitty Kitty– still this Thursday

It’s still on. Hope to see you there, this Thursday 6:30 pm at Shotwell’s Bar. (Shotwell’s is on 20th and Shotwell). Mention Shitty Kitty and you’ll probably get a free Shitty Kitty. Though, like everything, you never know.


Come be shitty with us

Just about says it all. See you on the 21st!