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So you may have noticed we do a lot with Mission Dolores Bar…

Right? We do Shitty Kitty Meet Ups there, we did New Year’s there, we’re often just, ehem, there. It’s a great bar and we’ve had a great two years getting to know the bartenders and owners–plus having a bar named after our old hood in … Read More


Shotwell’s Bar t-shirts, by us, for you!

This summer we entered a t-shirt design contest at our favorite San Francisco bar (where Shitty Kitty was born!), Shotwell’s– and we won! Here’s the design that goes on a classic white tee: You can pick up your very own next time you swing by … Read More


Shitty Kitty Can Can

Shitty Kitty is back this Thursday at Mission Dolores bar 7pm along with her new best friends: $2 pint cans of Sixpoint Beer. Haven’t you heard? They’re selling Sixpoint cans! Mission Dolores bar is on 4th ave in Park Slope between President and Carroll.


Welcome to Theft Mag!

Many Brooklyn readers of this blog most likely know Liam McWilliams best as the bouncer at our favorite bar in NYC, Mission Dolores. (Seen here with his very own Shitty Kitty creation at one of our many Meet Ups at M.D.) That’s certainly how we … Read More

sk header

Shitty Kitty Hits Dakar

This weekend Shitty Kitty had a date with Dakar. They hit it off right away at hip new club called Must. Even though there were a couple power outages, the beer stayed cold and the comics stayed dirty. Get the whole shebang on Shitty Kitty’s … Read More

Shitty Kitty on the beach


We keep saying “wow” because it’s so great to be back on the road again, but it turns out we’re also saying “yes” in Wolof all the time. Ah well. At least we seem agreeable. Our itinerary so far: Stop #1 New Years Day layover … Read More


We got hacked. Cartoon of the Week.

Yep. We got hacked. And now Google and the whole Internet thinks we’re an infected site. We’ve been working on it for quite some time now and it had better be fucking fixed. All we need now is for the Internet to agree. Hopefully Shitty … Read More

No Attachment

Shitty Kitty Meet Up TONIGHT, foolios!

You + Shitty Kitty + all your friends + Missions Dolores Bar + $10 pitchers of Sixpoint = THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE AT THE SHITTY KITTY MEET UP TONIGHT! 5:30- 8:30pm, Mission Dolores Bar, 4th Ave Brooklyn. As always, you just bring yourself … Read More

kitty sad ICON2

Happy Hanukkah! Shitty Kitty Cartoon of the Week.

And to really show Santa some respect, come by the Shitty Kitty Meet Up tomorrow, this Friday, at Mission Dolores Bar 5:30 to 8pm. Draw, write, drink, laugh, maybe even make someone their very own shitty Hanukkah present. There’s eight nights. You got to get … Read More

magical realism

Shitty Kitty Meet Up and Site Lauch – Fri. Dec. 3rd at Mission Dolores Bar

Be there, which for the Mission Dolores Bar is on 4th Ave. between President and Carroll here: View the map larger. Attend the Facebook event here. Or like her here: And, of course, reminisce about all those Meet Ups you’ve loved in the past here.

turket day shitty kitty closeup

Happy Thanksgiving, go Eat Pray Love and Drink!

Your Cartoon of the Week: Your entertainment for the evening: Go rent Eat Pray Love and play the Drinking Game that Steven and I made up last Saturday. If you don’t feel like getting absolutely wrecked, we recommend cutting Rule 4 (A shot for tears) … Read More

BK hannukah featured

Shitty Kitty Holiday Meet Up Dec. 3rd

kitty sad ICON2

Shitty Kitty loves books: Cartoon of the week!


Shitty Kitty Bus’d Boys and Slammed Poets @ DC Meet Up

So it turns out DC insiders GET DOWN. Thank you everyone who came out and rocked it on a Monday night, and big thanks to U Street Busboys & Poets for hosting the madness, especially our Hall of Fame quality waitress Ty! Check out the … Read More


Texas/To Timbuktu + Bethesda/To Timbuktu

We’ve been busy! We’re fresh off the plane from Corpus Christi, Texas where we presented To Timbuktu at the Jan Paris Book Fest to a lovely crew of librarians and future librarians. Check out photos from all that madness at the book’s website here. Steven … Read More

dc meet up featured

Shitty Kitty Meet Up in Washington DC Nov. 8th

So please come get Shitty with Shitty Kitty in our glorious capitol. As always, Casey and Steven will bring supplies for drawing and captioning Shitty Kitty comics. You bring yourself, your friends and your filthy sense of humor. Busboys and Poets is on 2021 14th … Read More

kitty sad ICON2

Self-Reflection with Shitty Kitty

And have you “liked” the newer, SHITTIER, ShittyKitty page on Facebook yet? Do it here because we’re closing the other one down!

kitty sad ICON2

Sh*tty Kitty is now ShittyKitty on Facebook! Cartoon of the week

Go and like Shitty Kitty here now!

kitty sad ICON2

Shitty Kitty Cartoons of the Week: Park Slope-ing

This week’s cartoon series addresses our neighborhood’s reputation for being overrun with children.

kitty sad ICON2

Shitty of the Week: Tea Bag Talk!

meet up

Shitty Kitty was SHITASTIC

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Shitty Kitty Meet Up last night. You are all sick bastards. WE LOVE IT! We also did our part for TECHNOLOGY this Meet Up by handing out free Shitty Kitty iPhone/iPad/Android Apps. Sorry to all you Blackberry … Read More

Basic RGB

It’s Fall, It’s a Shitty Kitty Meet Up September 21st… w/DRINK SPECIAL

Mission Dolores is here: View Larger Map Learn everything else about Shitty Kitty here.


It’s a Sixpoint party! (Cartoon of the Week)

HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for our entry in the Sixpoint Craft Ales design contest. WE WON! Our Mr. Sixpoint is now the face of the Brewery’s digital profile. We are celebrating by wearing our new Sixpoint gear and drinking the home-brews they sent … Read More

booze cruise web

Shitty Kitty of the Week: BOOZE CRUISE BEWARE!

And… thinking about a Shitty Kitty Meet Up mid September. Clear out your ENTIRE MONTH.

shitty kitty ipad web

Shitty Kitty of the Week takes on the iPad

Shitty Kitty was experimenting with living her life as one long vacation.

Shitty Kitty of the week… just a little late

To Timbuktu Shitty Kitty

Cartoon of the Week made as we wait for “To Timbuktu” Advanced Reader Copies

Seriously. We’re waiting to hear the rumbles of the UPS truck. No better way to pass the time than with Shitty Kitty.


Shitty Kitty loves Bingo, cartoon of the week

In honor of 826NYC’s DUELING BINGO charity tournament this Saturday which we will most definitely be going to, behold, the Cartoon of the Week: Did we mention that Comedian John Oliver (The Daily Show), Actor Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), writer Eric Gilliland (Roseanne) and Author … Read More

st anthony kitty wall2

Shitty Kitty of the Week gets tempted

Shitty Kitty done did it again

Tupac and Katy Perry would be pissed. Shitty Kitty was reppin’ both West and East coasts hard last night at Brooklyn bar Mission Dolores. It got filthy as usual. But don’t worry. That kid in the pictures can’t read.