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quasicrystal zellij

Nobel winner finds quasicrystals look JUST like Moroccan tiles

Israeli chemist Dan Shechtman just won this year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery of crazy tenfold symmetry in “quasicrystals” found in aluminum and manganese. Steven woke me up this morning with this article saying, “How much does this look exactly like zellij?!” Zellij … Read More


Cartoon Cada Día!

I love doing a cartoon a day when I travel. Usually Casey and I will find a quiet cafe or a bar. She’ll write away in her journal and then look up to see a view like this: I did sets while in Southeast Asia … Read More

Eid last year

Happy Eid Al Kabir!

Last year we celebrated this Muslim holiday of sacrifice in Morocco with our friends Amina and Mohammed and their family. Here are two of our less gruesome Before and After shots: It was delicious! Ok, actually the intestines were disgusting, but we thoroughly enjoyed all … Read More

pictory us

Pictory Photo Contest Done and Won

We love the folks over at Pictory. They have a beautiful design and run photo contests that we’ve won in the past. This most recent one is called Just Like Heaven and is all about people sharing pictures of whatever their happy place is. Naturally, … Read More

Picture 015

Shitty Kitty humps Rabat again!

Yet another reason Rabat rules: folks got together at Cafe Renaissance again for another Shitty Kitty Meet Up WITHOUT US. Sooooooooo wonderfully shitty. And just in time to remind people State-side that there is a Meet Up tomorrow (Thursday the 18th, 6pm) at Shotwell’s Bar … Read More

Moroccan couscous

Food Porn

We’re happy our couscous photo made the cut of the Pictory Mag food photo contest but we’re sad we’re not going to have any of Amina’s couscous this Friday. Meshi Mushikil. Check out all the winners here – http://www.pictorymag.com/showcases/local-flavor/



Last night we had our FIRST EVER Shitty Kitty Moroccan Meet Up. It was sooooooooo shitty thanks to the prolific participation of our attendees. Makes us wish we’d had one sooner. Shitty Kitty wouldn’t be proud of us thinking like that though, as she’s kind … Read More


Cartoon of the Week: Fatima

Fatima pours more detergent in the bucket. The powder collects on the sheets like drifts of snow on mountain peaks and in valleys. Some of it slowly disappears in the water or the parts of the bedding that are already wet. From snow to curdled … Read More


Shitty Kitty Meet Up in MOROCCO

Come get your Shitty Kitty on in MOROCCO! As always, we’ll bring the supplies to draw and caption Shitty Kitty comics– you bring yourself and your friends. Check out other Shitty Kitty comics/videos and pics from previous Meet Ups here: http://telephoneandsoup.com/shitty-kitty And not sure where … Read More


Cartoon of the Week: Salon de Thé L’Empire

Mo's dad

Cartoon of the Week: Mohammed’s Dad

cous cous

More pictures on our online map of Morocco

We’ve been busy working on our many projects like To Timbuktu and Al Beb, but we’ve also been traveling (down to Marrakech and up to Madrid) and eating a lot of couscous at our neighbors’. We just added more of those pictures to our Google … Read More


Hot off the press: Cartoon of the week

So usually we put these up every Thursday but this past week we were in Marrakech shopping in the souqs and avoiding the snake charmers.


Cartoon of the week: !!جبل كبير

It’s getting to be very cold over here in Rabat. (“Don’t mess with me.”)


Cartoon of the Week/of the Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!



This Week:


Eid el Kabir! (“Holiday the big!”)

Eid el Kabir (aka Eid al-Adha) is coming up in the Muslim calendar. It’s sort of like the Christmas/Hannukah/Thanksgiving of Morocco in that it’s a big holiday where families get together and eat a lot of food. Of course, there is no tree/menorah/turkey, and this … Read More

No Attachment

Tangiers + us =

Even though Tangiers was technically an international zone, and not part of Morocco from 1923 to 1940, it is still F-ing magical. See what we made when we visited the fine city below.


Soup and Soup

Today we got our cartoon learn on with Jan Eliot who writes the comic Stone Soup. We were not privileged to a private tutorial. She was actually giving a talk at Art Com, a small art/design school here in Rabat. Proof: She talked about how … Read More

Shitty Kitty Couldn't Sleep

Shitty Kitty Show was Shitastic

The Shitty Kitty show at Mission: Comics and Art opened last Saturday. Attendees mingled, boozed, and hopefully laughed aloud at the likes of this: Some folks were even moved to draw their own on the spot. That’s what Shitty Kitty will do to you. While … Read More

Shitty Kitty in Tangiers

Shitty Kitty Show will be f-ing MAGICAL. Go.

We’ll be in Morocco, but you’ll be at the show at Mission: Comics and Art at 7 pm. Right? And the after party at Shotwell’s at 11 pm. Right? RIGHT. Because you love Shitty Kitty and so do we. Despite her being so damn shitty. … Read More


Off to the Wild West… which is actually East

We’re taking two weeks to meander through the northeast, a region neither of us have been to before. We hopped a train from this train station: And are now somewhere* within the carefully crafted dotted lines of this map: Can you see us? Because we … Read More


Street Art Part 2: Elections and Stencils and Punky Highschoolers

Last week, we wrote up something for SF Weekly’s “I Heart Street Art” about Moroccan soccer team tags around Rabat. This week we’re contributing again, this time about stencils and their role in the election process in these parts. Check out the full post here. … Read More

Crusining with your paint set? That takes dedication.

FAR 4 eva

Even though we’re not the most avid football/soccer fans, we’ve kind of got a thing for street art– hence our recent fascination with local teams’ tags around the city. (You just can’t turn the corner here without running into a “FAR” tag.) Alan Hough of … Read More


TOP SECRET (final art sneak peek)

Shhhhhh! Steven doesn’t know that I, Casey, have sneaked into his account to leak some of the final art for “To Timbuktu”. Take a peek. Then call up your guys in China and tell them to get the presses ready for the bootleg copy. (Can … Read More


Why We Came Back to Morocco

No, it wasn’t because we were sick of everyone’s San Franciscan shenanigans. We came to Morocco to a) finish our non-fiction book “To Timbuktu” and b) do more research for a fictional graphic novel we want to write, set here in Rabat. We’re tentatively calling … Read More

liver surprises me every time


Ramadan Mubarik! Or, Happy month-long holiday of fasting during daylight to celebrate when the Prophet Mohammed received his revelations! Daylight hours are not particularly thrilling during Ramadan. Most things are closed, drivers are even more insane than usual, and it’s hard to find anything to … Read More


We have a kilo of dates and olives now.

And boy was that 22 hours of travel worth it. For now we will tell you that all is well. We ate couscous with Casey’s former host family then found a house where we can live right next door to them in the old medina. … Read More

green walls

We promise we’re really leaving this time.

We like maps. Maybe you like them too? #1 our fascinating flight path to Casablanca: #2 our fascinating train path to Rabat: We know you CAN’T WAIT for #3. So stay tuned. Along with maps, we also like canals, bocce ball, man-caves and green walls. … Read More


Peace Out Boy Scouts

There we are, leaving San Francisco. Thanks everyone for putting up with all of the send-offs of July. We love you back heartily. Casey is now in Brooklyn eating bagels and Steven is in Maryland playing with homemade skateboards. Catch us in New York together … Read More