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Chigüiro Opening

HUGE thanks to everyone who came to the Chigüiro opening last Saturday night at The Littlefield. We had a blast. Nothing like friends and art and a little bit of drinking. Pieces are still available for sale. A full price list with pictures is here. … Read More


Chigüiro @ The Littlefield

This September I’m going to have a show of oil paintings at The Littlefield. It opens on Saturday, September 10th 6-9pm with a concert by the band Plus/Minus to follow in the concert space adjacent to the gallery. (Doors for that open at 8pm.) I’m … Read More


Cartoon Cada Día!

I love doing a cartoon a day when I travel. Usually Casey and I will find a quiet cafe or a bar. She’ll write away in her journal and then look up to see a view like this: I did sets while in Southeast Asia … Read More

Back with paintings from Colombia, art show at Cafe Grumpy in Park Slope BK

And we’re back! Colombia was an amazing 5 weeks of seeing everything from desert dunes that run straight into the Caribbean to coffee farms up on mountain tops and we’re going to be posting lot’s more stories, art, and cartoons from all that in the … Read More

Packing for Colombia

We head off to Colombia mañana! (See? My Spanish is improving already.) So today is for PACKING. We aim to pack light so we don’t get whiney while walking around town looking for the cheap-but-not-too-dirty hostels. So minus the clothes and ziplocks full of chewable … Read More

Vamos a Colombia!

People always ask us where we’re traveling to next. And now we have an answer… COLOMBIA! We can already picture ourselves in the streets of Cartegena. Literally. So send us your must-sees and the contact info of all of your Colombian friends! Vamos Gigantes! (Sorry– … Read More