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We got hacked. Cartoon of the Week.

Yep. We got hacked. And now Google and the whole Internet thinks we’re an infected site. We’ve been working on it for quite some time now and it had better be fucking fixed. All we need now is for the Internet to agree. Hopefully Shitty … Read More

kitty sad ICON2

Shitty Kitty loves books: Cartoon of the week!

kitty sad ICON2

Self-Reflection with Shitty Kitty

And have you “liked” the newer, SHITTIER, ShittyKitty page on Facebook yet? Do it here because we’re closing the other one down!

kitty sad ICON2

Sh*tty Kitty is now ShittyKitty on Facebook! Cartoon of the week

Go and like Shitty Kitty here now!

kitty sad ICON2

Shitty Kitty Cartoons of the Week: Park Slope-ing

This week’s cartoon series addresses our neighborhood’s reputation for being overrun with children.

kitty sad ICON2

Shitty of the Week: Tea Bag Talk!


It’s a Sixpoint party! (Cartoon of the Week)

HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for our entry in the Sixpoint Craft Ales design contest. WE WON! Our Mr. Sixpoint is now the face of the Brewery’s digital profile. We are celebrating by wearing our new Sixpoint gear and drinking the home-brews they sent … Read More

booze cruise web

Shitty Kitty of the Week: BOOZE CRUISE BEWARE!

And… thinking about a Shitty Kitty Meet Up mid September. Clear out your ENTIRE MONTH.

shitty kitty ipad web

Shitty Kitty of the Week takes on the iPad

Shitty Kitty was experimenting with living her life as one long vacation.

Shitty Kitty of the week… just a little late

To Timbuktu Shitty Kitty

Cartoon of the Week made as we wait for “To Timbuktu” Advanced Reader Copies

Seriously. We’re waiting to hear the rumbles of the UPS truck. No better way to pass the time than with Shitty Kitty.


Shitty Kitty loves Bingo, cartoon of the week

In honor of 826NYC’s DUELING BINGO charity tournament this Saturday which we will most definitely be going to, behold, the Cartoon of the Week: Did we mention that Comedian John Oliver (The Daily Show), Actor Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), writer Eric Gilliland (Roseanne) and Author … Read More

Shitty Kitty of the Week – Roommates!!!

Here’s your hump day lovin’. See you tomorrow at the Shitty Kitty Meet Up @ Mission Dolores Bar.

Shitty Kitty celebrates freedom every day, but especially on the fourth

Your Shitty Kitty of the week:

Shitty Kitty + USA in the World Cup = Cartoon of the Week

Hump this, Hump Day. And Hump that Algeria. 1-0 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shitty Kitty humps Hump Day again

Your weekly Shitty Kitty cartoon hot off the press: P.S. Now you can get the Shitty Kitty Cartoon of the Week on a T-Shirt! Shitty Kitty Cartoon of the Week 6/16/2010 by TelephoneandSoupBrowse Shitty T-Shirts

Shitty Kitty of the Week: take one

Introducing… THE SHITTY KITTY OF THE WEEK CARTOONS! Need a little more hump in your hump day? Us too. That’s why every Wednesday we’re making a Shitty Kitty comic just for you. So come back for more– this buffet is all you can eat.

Rutherfurd B. Hayes

Cartoon of the Week + Bike Love with Instructables

This week’s cartoon continues our fascination with American Presidents and who did what first: We’d also like to flash a big E for Earth Day and salute Intructables, the online collection of user made How-To’s, for featuring Casey’s “How to Ride Your Bike In Style” … Read More

mvb digi

Cartoon of the week (and weeks preceding)

We’ve been great about posting the cartoon of the week every week. And by great we mean really bad. But now were back on the wagon… or off it? Either way, here is this week’s cartoon.

Cartoon of the Week: Landed in SF

Welcome back to SF Shitty Kitty! (This cartoon was made at 30,000 ft.)


Cartoon of the Week: Shitty Kitty meets Telephone and Soup

Just so ya’ll know…. this is the first EVER Shitty Kitty and Telephone and Soup COMIC COMBO:


Cartoon of the Week: Fatima

Fatima pours more detergent in the bucket. The powder collects on the sheets like drifts of snow on mountain peaks and in valleys. Some of it slowly disappears in the water or the parts of the bedding that are already wet. From snow to curdled … Read More


Cartoon of the Week: Salon de Thé L’Empire

Mo's dad

Cartoon of the Week: Mohammed’s Dad

Cartoon of the YEAR… and week

You better believe Shitty Kitty will be keeping it real in 2010 as well.

The Alphabet

Cartoon of the Week: Telephone and Soup are baa-aaack!

Telephone and Soup have jumped the gun and appeared in your Christmas stocking early! Here they are:

teaparty words

Cartoon of the Week: People I’ve Never Met & Conversations I’ve Never Had

This week our cartoon of the week is our entry for NoBrow’s: People I’ve Never Met & Conversations I’ve Never Had competition. We loved this idea and couldn’t help ourselves and actually made about eight separate conversations until settling on this one. We’ll put the … Read More


Hot off the press: Cartoon of the week

So usually we put these up every Thursday but this past week we were in Marrakech shopping in the souqs and avoiding the snake charmers.


Cartoon of the week: !!جبل كبير

It’s getting to be very cold over here in Rabat. (“Don’t mess with me.”)


Cartoon of the Week/of the Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!