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So you may have noticed we do a lot with Mission Dolores Bar…

Right? We do Shitty Kitty Meet Ups there, we did New Year’s there, we’re often just, ehem, there. It’s a great bar and we’ve had a great two years getting to know the bartenders and owners–plus having a bar named after our old hood in … Read More


To Timbuktu Tap Takeover!

Save the date for a real party– To Timbuktu and Sixpoint Brewery are taking over Mission Dolores Bar on Thursday, May 12th! Brewmaster Shane C. Welch is going to be bringing out all kinds of cool Sixpoint brews, including some especially crazy ones that don’t … Read More


Help us win beer! And a design contest too of course.

Last year we won Brooklyn’s own Sixpoint Brewery design contest with our Mr. Sixpoint design. This year’s theme is “Beer Is Culture”. So we decided to go with a very classic version of culture: Ancient Egypt. Et voila! In order to win the contest our … Read More



Woohoo! Next Tuesday, come on by WORD in Greenpoint for our NYC LAUNCH PARTY of To Timbuktu! You + us + books + all your friends = GOOD TIMES AT OUR BOOK LAUNCH! Official Facebook invite here.


On the road!

We’ve been running around like craaaazy out here on the West Coast talking to kids about Spaceheadz and To Timbuktu! LA, the Bay Area and now Seattle. A more detailed update coming soon, but for now, a taste of the madness: And by the way, … Read More


Mark that calendar: BOOK LAUNCH PARTY!

It’s party time! We’ll be heading to the West Coast this March for loads of To Timbuktu and Spaceheadz events at schools and bookstores. LA, San Francisco, Seattle… We’ll be putting up details on our Events Map soon, but for now, mark your calendar for … Read More

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Shitty Kitty Meet Up TONIGHT, foolios!

You + Shitty Kitty + all your friends + Missions Dolores Bar + $10 pitchers of Sixpoint = THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE AT THE SHITTY KITTY MEET UP TONIGHT! 5:30- 8:30pm, Mission Dolores Bar, 4th Ave Brooklyn. As always, you just bring yourself … Read More

kitty sad ICON2

Happy Hanukkah! Shitty Kitty Cartoon of the Week.

And to really show Santa some respect, come by the Shitty Kitty Meet Up tomorrow, this Friday, at Mission Dolores Bar 5:30 to 8pm. Draw, write, drink, laugh, maybe even make someone their very own shitty Hanukkah present. There’s eight nights. You got to get … Read More

magical realism

Shitty Kitty Meet Up and Site Lauch – Fri. Dec. 3rd at Mission Dolores Bar

Be there, which for the Mission Dolores Bar is on 4th Ave. between President and Carroll here: View the map larger. Attend the Facebook event here. Or like her here: And, of course, reminisce about all those Meet Ups you’ve loved in the past here.

turket day shitty kitty closeup

Happy Thanksgiving, go Eat Pray Love and Drink!

Your Cartoon of the Week: Your entertainment for the evening: Go rent Eat Pray Love and play the Drinking Game that Steven and I made up last Saturday. If you don’t feel like getting absolutely wrecked, we recommend cutting Rule 4 (A shot for tears) … Read More


Shitty Kitty Bus’d Boys and Slammed Poets @ DC Meet Up

So it turns out DC insiders GET DOWN. Thank you everyone who came out and rocked it on a Monday night, and big thanks to U Street Busboys & Poets for hosting the madness, especially our Hall of Fame quality waitress Ty! Check out the … Read More


Texas/To Timbuktu + Bethesda/To Timbuktu

We’ve been busy! We’re fresh off the plane from Corpus Christi, Texas where we presented To Timbuktu at the Jan Paris Book Fest to a lovely crew of librarians and future librarians. Check out photos from all that madness at the book’s website here. Steven … Read More

booze cruise web

Shitty Kitty of the Week: BOOZE CRUISE BEWARE!

And… thinking about a Shitty Kitty Meet Up mid September. Clear out your ENTIRE MONTH.

Basic RGB

Meet Mr. Sixpoint Craft Ales, then LIKE him on Facebook

We just submitted this design for Six Point Brewery’s poster contest on Facebook. Whichever entry gets the most “Likes”, wins the contest and BEER. Step 1: “Like” Sixpoint on Facebook. Step 2: “Like” our entry. We and Mr. Sixpoint love you all.

Shitty Kitty done did it again

Tupac and Katy Perry would be pissed. Shitty Kitty was reppin’ both West and East coasts hard last night at Brooklyn bar Mission Dolores. It got filthy as usual. But don’t worry. That kid in the pictures can’t read.


Shitty Kitty Meet Up @ MISSION DOLORES (7/22)

This month Shitty Kitty’s going home! Kind of. She was born in the Mission Dolores neighborhood in San Francisco, so it’s only natural that she’d come-a-crawling to Mission Dolores bar in Brooklyn. Be there for the homecoming and the happy hour. $10 pitchers of Yuengling/Genesee … Read More

Bloomsday Poster

Get your bloomers out for BLOOMSDAY! (whahh?)

James Joyce wrote a book called “Ulysses” for which you may or may not have read the Cliffnotes some time in high school. Once a year, literary lovers around the world do their darndest to reenact the events of the novel which took place over … Read More


Shitty Kitty Meet Up #2 Done Did

We did it again. As always, it was a very healthy event.


Brooklyn’s second Shitty Kitty Meet Up

Hard at Work

Shitty Kitty Popped Her Brooklyn Cherry

Last Thursday, Shitty Kitty got her Meet Up on at (Commonwealth Bar on 12th St and 5th Ave) Such shitty cats were drawn, such filthy things were captioned, and despite it all– or more likely because of it all– friends were made. (Click on any … Read More


Shitty Kitty does Brooklyn April 1st! (no joke)

If San Francisco is Shitty Kitty’s ex-boyfriend and Brooklyn is her current squeeze, then she’s probably in a lot of trouble for drunk dialing her ex late at night and proposing inappropriate things. Shitty Kitty is SO NOT OVER SAN FRANCISCO. That being said, she … Read More


Shitty Kitty hits SF real hard

We totally agree. Thanks to Shotwells for being the most un-shitty Shitty bar. As always a great Meet Up thanks to Shitty Kitty’s friends. DC: you’re next. Watch out.

Picture 015

Shitty Kitty humps Rabat again!

Yet another reason Rabat rules: folks got together at Cafe Renaissance again for another Shitty Kitty Meet Up WITHOUT US. Sooooooooo wonderfully shitty. And just in time to remind people State-side that there is a Meet Up tomorrow (Thursday the 18th, 6pm) at Shotwell’s Bar … Read More

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Shitty Kitty Meet Up in AMERRRRRICA

Shitty Kitty has hopped the pond and is about to skip across the continent too out to San Francisco. So get out your planners/iCals/hands you write important notes on and NOTE THIS: SHITTY KITTY MEET UP @ Shotwell’s Bar Thursday, February 18th 6pm (20th and … Read More



Last night we had our FIRST EVER Shitty Kitty Moroccan Meet Up. It was sooooooooo shitty thanks to the prolific participation of our attendees. Makes us wish we’d had one sooner. Shitty Kitty wouldn’t be proud of us thinking like that though, as she’s kind … Read More


Shitty Kitty Meet Up in MOROCCO

Come get your Shitty Kitty on in MOROCCO! As always, we’ll bring the supplies to draw and caption Shitty Kitty comics– you bring yourself and your friends. Check out other Shitty Kitty comics/videos and pics from previous Meet Ups here: http://telephoneandsoup.com/shitty-kitty And not sure where … Read More

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Tangiers + us =

Even though Tangiers was technically an international zone, and not part of Morocco from 1923 to 1940, it is still F-ing magical. See what we made when we visited the fine city below.

Shitty Kitty the writer

Pub Crawl!!!!! I mean– Lit Crawl!!!!!

This week is San Francisco’s 10th annual literary festival called Lit Quake. This Saturday night (October 17th, 6-9:30 pm) is the Lit Crawl through the Mission– think pub crawl, but with books and readings instead of booze. Check out the full schedule here, and download … Read More

Shitty Kitty Couldn't Sleep

Shitty Kitty Show was Shitastic

The Shitty Kitty show at Mission: Comics and Art opened last Saturday. Attendees mingled, boozed, and hopefully laughed aloud at the likes of this: Some folks were even moved to draw their own on the spot. That’s what Shitty Kitty will do to you. While … Read More


You Got Guillotined

Vive la revolution! Heads rolled at Shotwell’s last night! Even Steven, who hand-made the guillotine, could not escape his fate: Shitty Kitty comics were made too of course. Some were drawn exceptionally well by animators. Some were drawn exceptionally shitty by the rest of us. … Read More