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We keep saying “wow” because it’s so great to be back on the road again, but it turns out we’re also saying “yes” in Wolof all the time. Ah well. At least we seem agreeable. Our itinerary so far:

Stop #1 New Years Day layover in Madrid. The Spanish did not let us down. Yes, that clock says 9 am. Yes, those are beers that people are drinking.

Stop #2 Dakar, Senegal. It looks like Mali! But with many more paved roads, lots more skin showing, and ads for beer all over the place. We have not taken one of these buses yet but are they not the COOLEST?

Actually, the wrestler Yekini is apparently the coolest. We went to his big match vs. Bombardier and the crowd not only waited devotedly for him for more than 4 hours, they went completely wild when he won and everyone talked about the match all over the city for the entire next day. We felt pretty in. (Yekini is on the left.)

Stop #3 St. Louis, Senegal. I taxi’d it up north to the old capital, Steven and our friend Noah who is teaching in Dakar took a plane.

We saw our friend Patrick who’s doing good on a Rotary grant up there and going to Akon concerts. Sand streets, fish, and supposedly a view of Mauritania!

Kind of like a lot of this region, this building looks like art and the apocalypse all in one:

Stop #4 Petit Cote, Senegal. Beachyness.

Stop #5 Bamako tomorrow for a big fat reunion with all of our Malian friends who are in our book To Timbuktu!