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Why We Came Back to Morocco

No, it wasn’t because we were sick of everyone’s San Franciscan shenanigans. We came to Morocco to a) finish our non-fiction book “To Timbuktu” and b) do more research for a fictional graphic novel we want to write, set here in Rabat. We’re tentatively calling it “Al Beb”, meaning in Moroccan and Standard Arabic, “The Door”.

We’ve created a cast of characters mainly comprised of two families who share a traditional courtyard home. Through them, we hope to represent some of the cultural/linguistic/ethnic variety of modern Morocco. Here they are as of now:


Before we left the States we started messing around with different ways to tell the story. At this point, we’re thinking we’d like to go semi-traditional panel-to-panel graphic novel style. We wrote up a few sample pages to give it a try: (the first two go together, the third is a different scene.)

A good deal has changed since we lived with host families here five years ago. (BMX bikers outside of the mosque?!). And that’s making us all the more excited to practice our Arabic and talk to people about it all so we can create something that is true to what Morocco is today.

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  1. Aya Costantino
    Posted 7 Sep ’09 at 11:32 pm | Permalink

    guys…these are SO COOL. truly fantastic.

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