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Top 10 Awards: West Coast Round Up

We began our 2 week West Coast tour in LA with Oscar’s. No, not actually at the Oscar’s– for some reason we weren’t invited. But the Oscar spirit got into us nonetheless! So without further ado, this tour’s winners are…

Hottest Reading-The-Book Photo

Laura + Laura @ the Launch Party at Mission Comics and Art. What a party! What sexy reading eyes!

Best School Signage

A school gym in LA. Yes, we make quite a team! That’s us with Lisa Becker (our amazing LA media escort) and Jon Scieszka (Casey’s dad/author of the middle grade series Spaceheadz for which we are the Digital Team).

Best Post-Presentation Question

“So… are you two married? Or still dating? Or not together anymore?” asks a hopeful teenaged girl to Steven after our presentation to the 9th and 10th graders at Ingraham High School. STILL DATING.

Best Bathroom Graffiti

Hicklebee’s Children’s Books in San Jose! Steven tagged the heck out of their bathroom. Good thing a million other authors and illustrators have had the same idea so we won’t be the only ones getting in trouble.

Best Home Coming

Pitzer College! (Casey’s alma matter.) We had a reading and signing at their oh-so-cozy Grove House and can’t wait to return for Reunion Weekend.

Most Satisfying Photo To Take

Outside our old studio in The Mission in San Francisco where we wrote the book. Look studio, it’s DONE!

Most Beautiful Library

Sammamish Library in Washington has a FIREPLACE and a SKATEPARK and GEOTHERMALLY HEATED FLOORS. Frankly, I’m surprised we ever left.

#1 Unexpected Interview

Angela from Kepler’s Bookstore in Menlo Park, California caught us by surprise for a quick interview about the book. If we sound high on life it’s because we are. We’re also really not used to 18 hour days.

Best New Friends with Basically The Same Name

Timbuk2! The uber cool folks of Timbuk2 bags had us over for a tour of the offices and custom bag factory in our old San Francisco neighborhood, The Mission. We’re working on some kind of cross-promotional bag with them…

Most Productive Bar Experience

Our signing at at our old San Francisco haunt, Shotwell’s! GOOD. TIMES.

This post originally appeared on allthewaytotimbuktu.com, the website for our brand new book To Timbuktu. To see the post there, click here.