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Texas/To Timbuktu + Bethesda/To Timbuktu

We’ve been busy! We’re fresh off the plane from Corpus Christi, Texas where we presented To Timbuktu at the Jan Paris Book Fest to a lovely crew of librarians and future librarians. Check out photos from all that madness at the book’s website here.

Steven was also digitally painting on the go on our various flights. He’s put them together on a Flickr set here.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Bethesda, MD giving a presentation full of pictures and videos all about To Timbuktu at the Bethesda Library in Bethesda, Maryland (Tue Nov. 9, 7:30 pm). Bonus feature? You get to meet Steven’s parents! And you can even come over to their house after the presentation for some beer and more laughs.

Well it looks like you’ve got the next two days’ activities figured out.