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Pub Crawl!!!!! I mean– Lit Crawl!!!!!

This week is San Francisco’s 10th annual literary festival called Lit Quake. This Saturday night (October 17th, 6-9:30 pm) is the Lit Crawl through the Mission– think pub crawl, but with books and readings instead of booze. Check out the full schedule here, and download the map of the route here.
If we weren’t in Morocco we would SO BE THERE. Want to go for us?
And again, if you missed the Shitty Kitty opening at Mission: Comics and Art, you can still check out the show since it will be up until mid November. Mission: Comics and Art is in the middle of the Crawl, during “Phase 2″ (7:30-8:30).
Shitty Kitty the writer
P.S. The Lit Crawl is free! I smell a good, cheap date where you come out looking real smart….