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Party in Africa!

Steven and I are going to ring in the new year in Africa! Well, to be more precise we’ll be in the air for the actual changing of the year, but for the first three weeks of this new year we’ll be in Senegal and Mali.

Like just about everything we do, this trip is part business, part pure fun. The business part involves our nonprofit Local Language Literacy Inc. We’ll be checking out the results of our first project– the printing and distribution of more than 1500 copies of this Bamanankan language book to students in Mali:

We’ll also be looking for Senegalese authors, researchers and fellow nonprofit-ers to partner up with on a Wolof language book project. And thanks to super cool people like YOU we raised $1650 in just three weeks! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’ll of course be letting you know how this project develops.

As for the pure pleasure part of this trip, that involves traveling around Senegal for the first time (yassa chicken! dance parties! crackin’ live music!) and returning to Mali where we lived in 2007 to see some great friends we’ve been missing dearly.

We are SO excited to hang out over tea and peanuts and catch up and show these guys a copy of To Timbuktu! Everyone is going to want to see how Steven drew them. Everyone is also going to be REALLY disappointed that we still don’t have like 10 children yet. Oh well.

We’ll be checking in occasionally, so come back for updates! And thank you again to everyone who donated to LLL. We really appreciate all the support.

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