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Packing for Colombia

We head off to Colombia mañana! (See? My Spanish is improving already.) So today is for PACKING. We aim to pack light so we don’t get whiney while walking around town looking for the cheap-but-not-too-dirty hostels. So minus the clothes and ziplocks full of chewable Pepto (we simply cannot stop ourselves from eating street food) here’s what we’re bringing:

We plan to write and draw and paint the shiz out our 5 week trip, hence all of Steven’s art supplies and my journal. Steven’s going to keep a Cartoon A Day sketchbook (like the one he kept in Southeast Asia which you can see on the Map here), and have an art show at Café Grumpy here in Brooklyn when we return of the things he draws and paints at their Colombian coffee supplier farm we are going to visit in Gigante, Huila.

We’re also big fans of backgammon, and this nifty little set is magnetic so you can actually play on epic bus rides through the mountains etc. And you simply cannot travel without something to READ. We chose:

-The Corrections because even though everything I’ve read about Franzen leads me to believe he’s a raging asshole, we’re both kind of interested in seeing what this book holds.

-Hemingway’s For Whom The Bell Tolls because honestly? I just saw “Midnight in Paris” with my mom, best gal pal and her mom, and Hemmingway’s character was kind of hilarious.

-Atwood’s The Rober Bride because Attwood is my hero and I needed something smart and intriguing. (Are you reading this Atwood? I NEED TO MEET YOU!)

-And Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Collected Stories because we love being clichés. In France I wear only stripes and always carry a baguette. Ok, not really. We wanted to find something by a contemporary Colombian author that takes place in modern day Colombia, but were having a hard time finding any good recommendations. We’re hoping to pick something up somewhere on the road. For now, Marquez will certainly do. Short stories are also great for reading aloud to each other on beautiful hotel balconies.

-And book to help us learn Spanish. There’s a lot to be said for immersion, but I’m also the kind of gal who needs a goddamn verb chart sometimes.

We’ll be checking in off and on, but are taking a pause in book events and our weekly Q&A feature. We hope to post cartoons and photos and other silly things along the way though, so come back for a peek soon!

And of course, if anyone has any Colombia recommendations, please send ‘em our way on our Contact page.