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Give a book to a kid in West Africa!

It’s the season of giving.

Want to give a book to a kid in Senegal?

Donate to our nonprofit!

Most of the school day in West Africa is taught in French, then students go home and live the rest of their lives in a different language like Bamanankan or Wolof.

Being able to speak and read French is a valuable skill in this region, but having the opportunity to learn in the language in which you dream/bargain/joke is essential to any student’s success and sense of self-worth.

LLL’s goal is to get books written in (or translated to) local languages into the hands of students at no cost to them.

As most of you probably know, we lived in Mali in 2007 and that’s when we came to care deeply about local language issues. We co-founded LLL in 2008 and for our first project raised enough money to print nearly 1600 books through the generous support of people like you!

This January we will return to West Africa to document the results of that first project in Mali and to begin a new one in the neighboring country of Senegal where the school system faces similar language issues.

Your donation will be used to fund specifically the translation and printing costs of this still developing project. For reference, the previous project’s cost per book was $3.

You can make a tax deductible donation to LLL three ways:

-Write a check made out to Local Language Literacy Inc and send it to our offices at 515 8th Street 3R, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

-Make a donation online at our website locallanguageliteracy.org

-Make an online donation with the Facebook application Causes.

Thank you for your support! Check out LLL’s website for more information, photographs, and updates.