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  • Telephone and Soup live on but Casey and Steven now have their own websites!



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    You can still poke around this site, but it's basically frozen in time since April 2012!

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Casey and Steven make a slew of mostly inappropriate comics and have way too much fun while making them. For the most part, Steven draws and Casey captions.

Slope Scenes

Comics that appear every Friday on Park Slope Brooklyn’s #1 blog FuckedinParkSlope.com.

Telephone and Soup

The very first comics Casey and Steven worked on together. Steven draws the birds, then Casey writes their dialogue.


Shitty Kitty

A shitty looking cat with an even shittier disposition. Steven draws her, then Casey gives voice to her shitty demeanor. See a million more comics and photos from Shitty Kitty Meet Ups where folks get together and make their own crappy cat comics at shittykitty.biz.

Diary of a Manly Kid

Straight from Casey’s brother’s mind to you, we present the real tonic to the scourge of wimpiness wreaking havoc on America’s youth. This is an ongoing Tumblr at diaryofamanlykid.tumblr.com.

Sake Books

It’s a pretty simple series of events:

Casey and Steven drink some sake, Casey writes a word on each page, Steven watercolors some crazy stuff on those pages, Casey writes the rest of the words, they put em all together to make a little “Sake Book”.

Pasta Posse

Inspired by a genius New Yorker cartoon, Casey and pal Noah Balazs realized each pasta type DEFINITELY has its own personality. Behold, the Pasta Posse!

Animals Smoking

We don’t smoke. These animals do. Get the whole series on the Tumblr site here.