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Telephoneandsoup’s blogroll


StevenWeinbergStudio.com + CaseyScieszka.com

We’ve each now got our own websites dedicated to our particular work: stevenweinbergstudio.com caseyscieszka.com Because maintaining telephoneandsoup.com, locallanguageliteracy.org, allthewaytotimbuktu.com, and shittykitty.biz just simply wasn’t enough!


Brooklyn + SF + Process

Just finished a really fun commission for some artwork to go on a wedding. The couple wanted to highlight one of my favorite pairs of places in the world (NYC & SF) so it really was a pleasure making this for them. Folks ask me … Read More

On the Road in Morocco

Hello from Morocco! I (Casey) am going to be here for the next few weeks with a documentary film crew, traveling up and down the country. While I don’t have much film experience (ahem, ok no experience at all), I do have experience living and … Read More


New Gig: Friday Comic for F*ckedInParkSlope.com

Check out mega Park Slope Brooklyn blog FuckedInParkSlope.com every Friday for a brand new cartoon from yours truly. Above is the first one. You can see it on that lewdly-named blog here. I’m just drawing what I see (it’s raining today in The Slope) but … Read More


Sun’s out. Guns out.

Beautiful day in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Had to draw a comic.


Seen on 8th Ave. Park Slope.

Some sweet after school math.

No Attachment

Want us to come talk Timbuktu at your school/library/bookstore/birthday party?

Well, maybe not birthday party. But who knows? We just posted this video about the book presentations we do for our book To Timbuktu.


Drawing Across India

And we’re back! (Didn’t know we were away? That’s cool. It was pretty quick.) We just spent about a week and a half in India to go see our friend’s wedding in Mumbai and then also to check out the Hindu holy city of Varanasi. … Read More


National Animalgraphic

A new magazine hits the stands today: National Animalgraphic! It’s what came out of a conversation Steven and I were having over the weekend about what would happen if a National Geographic reporter stumbled upon animals from famous kids books doing their thing then lept … Read More


So you may have noticed we do a lot with Mission Dolores Bar…

Right? We do Shitty Kitty Meet Ups there, we did New Year’s there, we’re often just, ehem, there. It’s a great bar and we’ve had a great two years getting to know the bartenders and owners–plus having a bar named after our old hood in … Read More


New Year’s Eve: Not The Movie, The Party

NYE plans: done. Just come and hang out with us and the Mission Dolores Bar crew all night long! And Mission Dolores Bar is here.


Art Show with Discovering Oz this Friday 7-10pm!

We’re crossing the East River on Friday night to have a group show with our friends at Discovering Oz at the La Mama Galleria gallery in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. Well, we actually just crossed the river and hung our work. Here’s a sneak … Read More

Tragedy in Timbuktu

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the recent abductions and murder in Timbuktu. If you’re not familiar with the story, last Friday several heavily armed Malians abducted two Dutch and a South African tourist in Timbuktu. They murdered a German member of the … Read More


Shitty Kitty on Ice 11-11-11 @ Mission Dolores 6-9pm

Mission Dolores bar is here. More about Shitty Kitty is here.

USA Tour Round Up

And we’re BACK! After two weeks and nine plane rides, we now feel all too comfortable 30,ooo feet up in the air. That said, we’re happy to be back in Brooklyn, feet on the soggy fall-time ground. Thank you sooo much to everyone who came … Read More

Fall Book Tour!

This Friday, Steven and I hit the road again! This time, instead of trekking through Colombia (Missed that? The tall tales are here) we’ll be criss-crossing the good old US of A to present at book festivals, colleges, high schools, and bookstores around the country. … Read More


La Mama 50 World Block Party October 16 2-6pm

We’ll be hitting the road this Friday for three weeks of To Timbuktu book touring (more on that tomorrow) so we’re very bummed we’ll be missing this 50th anniversary party for our friends at The La Mama Theatre. It’s this Sunday on East 4th Street … Read More

quasicrystal zellij

Nobel winner finds quasicrystals look JUST like Moroccan tiles

Israeli chemist Dan Shechtman just won this year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery of crazy tenfold symmetry in “quasicrystals” found in aluminum and manganese. Steven woke me up this morning with this article saying, “How much does this look exactly like zellij?!” Zellij … Read More


Park Slope Strollers

I’ve been playing around with the idea of documenting just how many strollers I walk by on a daily basis. I’ve seen every single one of these in action. Really. -Steven Seen any other strollers that need documenting? Please let me know.


Chigüiro Opening

HUGE thanks to everyone who came to the Chigüiro opening last Saturday night at The Littlefield. We had a blast. Nothing like friends and art and a little bit of drinking. Pieces are still available for sale. A full price list with pictures is here. … Read More


Chigüiro @ The Littlefield

This September I’m going to have a show of oil paintings at The Littlefield. It opens on Saturday, September 10th 6-9pm with a concert by the band Plus/Minus to follow in the concert space adjacent to the gallery. (Doors for that open at 8pm.) I’m … Read More


Shotwell’s Bar t-shirts, by us, for you!

This summer we entered a t-shirt design contest at our favorite San Francisco bar (where Shitty Kitty was born!), Shotwell’s– and we won! Here’s the design that goes on a classic white tee: You can pick up your very own next time you swing by … Read More


To Timbuktu Talk for Teens at Community Bookstore Thurs. 7-9pm

Yep, we’re keeping it in the Slope this summer! (That is, when we’re not in Colombia.) Come by Community Bookstore (on 7th ave between Carroll and Garfield) this Thursday between 7-9pm book & travel talk over drinks from around the world.


Cartoon Cada Día!

I love doing a cartoon a day when I travel. Usually Casey and I will find a quiet cafe or a bar. She’ll write away in her journal and then look up to see a view like this: I did sets while in Southeast Asia … Read More

Back with paintings from Colombia, art show at Cafe Grumpy in Park Slope BK

And we’re back! Colombia was an amazing 5 weeks of seeing everything from desert dunes that run straight into the Caribbean to coffee farms up on mountain tops and we’re going to be posting lot’s more stories, art, and cartoons from all that in the … Read More

Packing for Colombia

We head off to Colombia mañana! (See? My Spanish is improving already.) So today is for PACKING. We aim to pack light so we don’t get whiney while walking around town looking for the cheap-but-not-too-dirty hostels. So minus the clothes and ziplocks full of chewable … Read More


The Legend of Julie-Taymor!

Still not got enough Spider-Man musical related news in your life? We’ll you’re in luck, because recently I (Steven) was commissioned to do the artwork for an upcoming NYC FringeFest play The Legend of Julie-Taymor, or The Musical That Killed Everybody! Here’s the poster I … Read More

Explicit Stuff vs Censorship #YAsaves

This past weekend, the Wall Street Journal printed an article called “Darkness Too Visible: Contemporary fiction for teens is rife with explicit abuse, violence and depravity. Why is this considered a good idea?” In it, WSJ book reviewer Meghan Cox Gurdon blasts YA literature today … Read More


Shitty Kitty Can Can

Shitty Kitty is back this Thursday at Mission Dolores bar 7pm along with her new best friends: $2 pint cans of Sixpoint Beer. Haven’t you heard? They’re selling Sixpoint cans! Mission Dolores bar is on 4th ave in Park Slope between President and Carroll.


Diary of a Manly Kid

My brother Jake has never been much of a reader. Or a wimpy kid. Which are two of the reason he has never cracked open a copy of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of A Wimpy Kid. But yesterday when Steven and I we talking about the … Read More